Saturday, March 21, 2009

Do da do folks

Well well well folks..just weekendwork for first and LAST (yihuuuu!!)..nothing much difference from the weekdays. Just that on weekends you get no breaks. Wich made me notice that the time went slower (WTF..) Give us the frikin break so the time flies much faster! gooood!
aniwhooo!! today was nada stress. It went slow!but little to do. routins routins gosh!..but I added some flavour into it by surprisingly show them my not-so-great-dancingskills..their eyes went the blast and a big O smileymouths..haha i felt like an idiot with my moves, but I`m glad making some smiles and laughs to their days..SIKE!!hehehe

going on duty xP

After work, I to0k a trip to town..I read on the newspaper that it was going to be a danceshow in the "mall". The trip was all wasted, so back at my crib and made myself dinner. This time homemade proper dinner with a little help from Delmonte hehe..
The menu for today: Caldareta Pork, rice and apple juice

On the making..

The dinner was tasty, not great as the first time i co0ked caldareta, but it fitted my taste hehe.. And for the rest of the day: rest rest rest for work tomorrow. The korean movie starring Ji Jo Hoon, "Antique Bakery", has been uprloaded on youtube. So for you korean telenovela fanatics go go go!!

I`m gonna watch some hottie movie
. So TA TA folks!

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